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How Fast and For How Much Are Homes Selling for In the State of Georgia In April 2023?

It is a confusing time for home sellers. There is the head wind of rapidly rising interest rates. There also seems to be a housing shortage, as coming out to the 2008-2012 Great Recession home builders did not build enough homes and now there is a shortfall. It is difficult to categorize the entire State of Georgia into one lump of statistics, so here are some statistics for how fast and for how much homes are selling for in various metro areas in the State of Georgia. These results are all as of April 2023.

Fulton County 

Average Median Sold Price                  $399,882

Average Price per Square Foot            $229

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $358,700

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $400,300

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $600,300

Number of Homes for Sale                 5,456

Number of Homes Sold                      1,168

Average Sale Time                               28 Days

42% Sold Under Asking Price

34% Sold Over Asking Price

24% Sold At Asking Price

Gwinnett County

Average Median Sold Price                  $405,075

Average Price per Square Foot            $175

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $257,600

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $346,400

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $420,000

Number of Homes for Sale                 3,079

Number of Homes Sold                      803

Average Sale Time                               34 Days

43% Sold Under Asking Price

34% Sold Over Asking Price

23% Sold At Asking Price

DeKalb County

Average Median Sold Price                  $348,746

Average Price per Square Foot            $191

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $232,400

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $307,000

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $426,500

Number of Homes for Sale                 3,234

Number of Homes Sold                      789

Average Sale Time                               30 Days

41% Sold Under Asking Price

37% Sold Over Asking Price

22% Sold At Asking Price

Hall County

Average Median Sold Price                  $371,875

Average Price per Square Foot            $184

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $250,000

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $322,800

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $424,500

Number of Homes for Sale                 927

Number of Homes Sold                      233

Average Sale Time                               37 Days

50% Sold Under Asking Price

21% Sold Over Asking Price

29% Sold At Asking Price

Columbus Georgia and Muscogee County Georgia

Average Median Sold Price                  $197,300

Average Price per Square Foot            $114

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $75,000

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $145,000

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $338,000

Number of Homes for Sale                 138

Number of Homes Sold                      28

Average Sale Time                               41 Days

48% Sold Under Asking Price

24% Sold Over Asking Price

28% Sold At Asking Price

Savannah Georgia and Chatham County

Average Median Sold Price                  $320,352

Average Price per Square Foot            $185

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $217,800

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $291,300

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $396,500

Number of Homes for Sale                 362

Number of Homes Sold                      35

Average Sale Time                               41 Days

39% Sold Under Asking Price

35% Sold Over Asking Price

26% Sold At Asking Price

Augusta Georgia and Richmond County Georgia

Average Median Sold Price                  $168,000

Average Price per Square Foot            $113

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $133,200

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $157,000

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $185,400

Number of Homes for Sale                 39

Average Sale Time                               69 Days

Macon Georgia and Bibb County Georgia 

Average Median Sold Price                  $114,875

Average Price per Square Foot            $79

2 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $39.000

3 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $109,800

4 Bedroom Median Sold Price             $217,900

Number of Homes for Sale                 605

Number of Homes Sold                      121

Average Sale Time                               42 Days

50% Sold Under Asking Price

29% Sold Over Asking Price

21% Sold At Asking Price

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The source of all of this information is from Rocket Homes, which compounds detailed reports in various markets on a monthly basis.


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